I Am a Thief

by Fiction Fight

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released September 25, 2011

Fiction Fight is: Chris Donald, Josiah Gillespie, Rachel Challis, Tim Pitt, Nathan Leigh, Matt Donald.

All songs written and performed by Fiction Fight, produced and mastered by Chris Donald.

'Our Father' features samples by 'AbertayAudio' of the FreeSound Project: freesound.org

Artwork by Mike Gilbert. Photography by Verity Milligan.

Thanks to:
Paul Kent at Flipside Studios. Matt Cossey at Nexus Trust. Gaz Hutchinson. Jo Hamilton. Selina Blakeney. Sam Horne. David Benjamin Blower. Christchurch Leamington. Mike Gilbert. Stephen Blower. The Herbert. The Zang Family.

Copyright 2011 Fiction Fight. Original sound recordings owned by Fiction Fight.



all rights reserved


Fiction Fight coventry, UK

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Track Name: My Rescue
I should've known my back was not so strong. Should've let you make a way, but I carried on, took the strain. I feel my fear is stronger than my arm. But if you will be my rescue, I will change my ways and let you.

I keep tripping on my own shoelaces, there's no pace can escape my sin. But the way you chase me shakes my soul and keeps me solid. You're taking me over, breaking the boulder around my heart. If you are still my rescue I will change my ways and let you.

So my ear is to the ground, and I can hear your footsteps, so I know I'm found.

So hurry to me now before I learn another lesson, or remember what I've done, and forget what you have spoken. O I am a thief nailed up to my own tree, and when your hands have healed, Jesus, "remember me".
Track Name: Perfect World
I made myself believe that my sweat could clean my hands. Now all I have to show are finger bones for what I was, and am. I buried my head here, it's somewhere scratched on, paper-thin. The thoughts that I so treasure: brittle and subject to weather.

Everything I've made, my perfect world, you far outweigh; so I let it go.

Tonight my pride is uncovered. My strength is pulling me under. I kneel by my prodigal brother.

I gave myself a day to break these chains, and yes, I failed. My weakness hides behind a courage that will fade in time. So I'll give myself away - strike no bargain, have no say, happy to have lost to saving grace.

Everything I've made, my perfect world, you far outweigh; so I let it go. So make this straw the last one, and I will run on home and be my father's son.
Track Name: Meet Me On the Shoreline
You wish you could breathe under this water. You wish it wouldn't fill your lungs and suffocate. You hope that it'll be a bit clearer as you duck under again. You pray for rain.

The undertow is a vicious little thing, so won't you shake off your anchor, and all that's hindering, and come up for air, meet me on the shoreline. I will be waiting. Put your feet on solid ground. It's better up here, trust me, it's better where you can breathe.

You're trying to grow skin between your fingers. You're trying to grow scales over your eyes. Your pupils won't dilate enough for you to see here. You need the light.

It won't take long for your lungs to give out. You clutch your neck, try to catch your breath.
Track Name: Dumbstruck
I have been driving towards a sunset all evening, in a car full of the people I so love and we have been immersed in the deepest reds, and fire-like sky-light makes us squint in awe, we’re covered by a blanket of warmth and comfort and I am struck dumb, my tongue it stumbles over selfless, fearless, useless words and I know you have
the darkness in your stranglehold.

I am a woman pregnant with expectation, fit to burst with heavy anticipation of what is yet to come. My heart is softening and beating ever faster, as the distance melts away and we become closer, I am struck dumb.
Track Name: I Have Decided
From this night on, I have decided to lift my eyes to my beloved. I’ve been redeemed, he has ransomed me. Loose are the chains that used to bind me. The battle has already been won.

Forgetting past, and pressing onwards, I seek the goal, the finish line.What matters now is letting go of everything else. I’ll cling, fierce and unwavering, to you.

Lift up your heads, you gates, be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of Glory may come in. Who is this king of glory? The Lord, strong and mighty. Mighty in battle and mighty to save.

Pick me up, dust me down. I've fallen short. Point me homeward and whisper close: "Walk on, walk child, and don't stop."
Track Name: Love Is Brave
If I forgave brothers the way you forgive your sons, I'd think myself weak and walked upon. Right now I can't seem to do right by you, still it tears me up to do you wrong. Is there nowhere I can hide from you? I cannot live up to this.

O I am afraid of how jealous you are for me. The harder I pull away, the fiercer you bid me stay. O I am afraid that I will never change; that for all I say, I can't love like you deserve.

My pulse quickens in breathless fear: the mountain descends to the miniature. This is the season my heart is overturned, and my blood and my tears are yours. There is nothing left to run towards. You know me too well. But how can I go where you lead? I cannot live up to this.

Now it seems these feet weren't made to walk this ground; the earth is going to swallow me up. You can't be stopped, you will not rest. You wrestle me into your love.
Track Name: Pair Me With the Light
Why am I still clinging to this clay, mashing a mockery of your handiwork? Why am I not throwing myself on the cornerstone? A privilege, a weighty task.

I was made for more than this darkness I know I let win.

Your strength all around, and inside my weakness. Help me to stand my ground when the war starts waging. Ease this frustration, this flesh-led lacklustre life. Wake me up. Turn me upside-down, and shake me 'til it all falls out. Put me under microscopic glass: take a good hard look. Skeletal secrets walking hand in hand with darkness: I'm dying. Pair me with the light.

I was made for more than this darkness I know I let win. Slowly I am realising just how very much I need you. I need your voice, I need your love, I need your grace, I need you, God.
Track Name: A Psalm
You were here when I woke up, you keep me in love. No, I have not seen enough; my hands are clean, but my skin is still so tough. Where else would I go? Who else do I know? I cannot convince myself to feel the need for someone else. The air I breathe, it tastes of you. You rob me of my right to choose. You on every side, I am kept alive.

You're keeping me in love, and we're not giving up.

Shake awake my quiet soul and tell me things I used to know. Make my bed feel cold. Take me to your world and make me bolder.

Hallelujah there will be no other, I am in love.
Track Name: Our Father
I see you clearest in the part of me that doesn't know your touch. How I wish it didn't take my dark to know your light! If I'm honest I have always known that I was made of dust, with the image of my God and King inside. You knew that I was drowning from my first breath. I kept saying "let me live, I'll fix it when I'm older". Now I'm called a man, and my dust is bringing death. If only there were someone with a hand on both our shoulders.

Before those words had left my lips, the weight left my back and fell on his. My hard-earned shame, burned up in grace. Now when I run home again, and fall at your feet, I know what I'll ask for: to call myself your son, and sit at your table.

Lesser men might not aspire, better men feel they don't require. It is my joy to hold and need, desperately need you.

While we were still a long way off, our father...
Track Name: All I Am
I saw your face on the darkest day, and you spoke the word to me. I can't hide this from you any more. All I have is all I am. All the same I give it away. The sun breaks over perfect views, as if this were all for me. How could I deny you any more?