by Fiction Fight

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released May 25, 2009

Fiction Fight is:
Josiah Gillespie / Christopher Donald / Rachel Challis
Additional keys and trumpet by Luke Richardson
Live strings by Anna Brigham
All songs written and performed by Fiction Fight
Produced and mastered by Christopher Donald
Artwork by Sarah Adams Design



all rights reserved


Fiction Fight coventry, UK

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Track Name: Broken Drum
I live to see it dawn on your faces
So impatient, so young, and so numb
Please forgive me if I seem vindictive
It's the fiction that leaves us deaf and dumb

Son, you're beating a broken drum
Soon it won't be enough
You don't even know what you're running from

I'm the same as you are, in my blindness
I don't mind it - that's my mistake
All the days that I ignore what's been given
Go against me, and the plans that I've made

Bricks and bones and time spent alone
And that's what your home was made of
Ready to fall into their arms
And have your conscience played on
Track Name: A New Name
Is this just me? Am I to blame?
Is it something I said?
As if I even have to ask...
I live in this place, painfully safe
Of course I want out -
Can I fight my way out, or could you love your way in?

I don't really know what this is all about, but I'm fighting to find out.

What's this in front of me? These pictures are puzzling
But if I walk away, I'll always walk the same
I don't want to stay the way I am - I'm all out of opinions, out of plans.
Everything could change with a new name.

I'm not about to leave this now,
I've come too far just too turn around
So if I have to change.. I'll wait.
This could walk all over me
Or this could turn me outside out
I'll wrestle 'til the day.. I'll wait.

And I can see what's happening, it's time to let go of everything, so I'll strap on my armour, this is not over.
Track Name: Clouds
Here in my tower, we don't use words like 'power'
And we never, ever, look out.
But truth is pressing close against my skin
And I've been running, but something else is rushing in

(Heart so cold and skin so scared,
It was easy before because I never cared.
This is not physical, these things are miracles)

I've been lost at sea
Cloud, cover me

Passion is pressing, and life has taught the lesson
That nine times out of ten
I end up back in my tower again
And I won't move without you, I won't.

(Heart on fire and skin so cold,
The sky in your eyes so close and so old.
This is not physical, these things are miracles)

I've been lost at sea
Cloud, cover me
Track Name: Don't Say Anything
Hello old friend, where have you been?
I have been waiting
How dare you dodge the blame
When I have been waiting
(Did I mention they rang?)
Yeah you screwed it up again
(I've had it up to here)
And I was left to sort out your mess
You get under my skin, and leave me crawling

Take what you came for, and just leave
Don't say anything
Forget about it, be who you want to be
Don't say anything

You must be thrilled with your new skills
Constantly changing
Don't you dare screw this up again
It's so frustrating
(Tell me you're moving out)
Well what do I do with that?
(I've had it up to here)
And I just can't sort out this mess
You get under my skin, and leave me crawling